There is a lot going on in the past two weeks in the big tech company’s and it look like this month is going to break some records as the most newsy august ever!

Let me mention that Apple vs. Samsung case has gone up a step by preventing Samsung selling its tablet in European markets, Google buys Motorola mobility and HP killed the webOS barely two month after launching.

Wow! That alone is worth a year of news…

It got me thinking that something big is changing in this whole technology, mobile, post pc, Mac, cloud, whatever area..(I will call it iChange so you’ll understand me better…), That we are witnessing at this very moments.

As I try to analyse this changes, I want to take a snapshot of the present iChange, and let me tell you what I see:

There is 2 approaches to the markets, the first, is the Apple approach which means I’ll do it all: hardware, software, services, and platforms which are very tight up that allowed 3rd party players to play but with a very specific rules, and the second one is the old school approach of the pc era that there is one

OS that can work with multiple hardware manufactures, services, platforms and so on just like it this picture bellow:

it’s the era of ecosystems, and there for the iChange rule number one is the better experience I get more likely ill will hook up with the rest of the echo system im in.

there is why Apple is so successful (among many other things, that maybe ill write about in a different article), and because of that Google made her move on Motorola so they can enter the game of Apple approach of do it all and controlling the mess that the android market is in and the experience that their current ecosystem is providing.

if you combine the google move with the HP move, you can see clearly that in the very near future webOS will go open source which along Windows Mobile OS to be adopted by HTC, Samsung and all other android hardware manufactures as they leaving Google that will became their competitor.

so eventually the market picture will look like this:

so… what do you think?

The Bozo.

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


4 thoughts on “iChange

  1. I see so many posts re: Oh, but Web-OS is so great … but is it? It is optimized for Web which has high overhead, demanding more CPU performance, so Battery life struggles, and is it stable? are all the necessary refinements in place? No. It is an older concept looking for a home, that needs a great deal of fixing … and when it is fixed will it compete? Sure there were some nice features … but are they native and will they not slow down everything else. It has never materialized, not with Palm, not with phones, PDA, now not with tablets. Why keep hyping buggy whips, when were changing from horse and buggy to modern hybrid custom circuits … not the old off the shelf stuff that is readily available, but is not even close to being optimized. Thus, iPad and its fabulous success, and why all the hardware specs of the old legacy carry over from Microsoft is not working for the masses. They don’t want customization, they want EZ, convenient, no hassle, just simply works with an intuitive nature.

  2. Are you watching the system and eco architecture (hardware and software, systems, and support) coming from Apple. The first clue was Thunderbolt for high speed data transfer between computers … initially all Apples, and eventually will include some new PC’s. Then there is iCloud for auto sync and backup, wireless and essentially free access for the masses with smaller data storage requirements, but want immediate access. So large local hard drive storage demands may not be so necessary anymore … thus the speed and convenience of SSD. The big challenge here is internet access (or better yet iCloud access) The carriers are slowing us down, and gouging our pocketbooks. But, step by step these things are being addressed… by who … Apple … they’re making money, they are investing in the supply line of building hardware, controlling hybrid custom integration. Step by step, they are really moving the entire landscape.

    Then there is the progress of operational EZ. Initially, PC used keyboards and scrolling keys to navigate. Then Apple came along with the mouse and the graphical user interface. Now Apple is once again changing the landscape with finger actions, we all have them, let’s use them. So now we have iOS, now Lion’s with focus toward finger motion interface throughout. Apple with its touch pad so quickly replacing its own mouse. It won’t be long until the Apple infrastructure become well entrenched with smartphones, iPad tablets, Macbook Air, and iCloud … the elimination of boxed software for wireless Wi-Fi download, all the supportive IT requirements for re-boot, maintenance, USB reinstall of Lion, etc. Apple is growing as a business, and legacy Microsoft PC approaches are slowing down in growth. The Apple influence in IT circles in growing with iPad… then Lion, and the server software is a fraction of the cost that it once was. The rapid wireless interfacing with the home entertainment center, the TV. It is all happening, the Apple way. It is highly integrated, it keeps on improving, step by step, while others struggle to be included, Integrated software is the key, but jailbreakers keep on screwing around, and the DYI crowd thinks they always know better. We’ll see.

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