iPhone Pro and iPad Pro to be launched soon? hell yea!

In 1998 Apple came up with a new product strategy, that was very simple but yet powerful, and they implemented it brilliantly until today.
But since the iPhone and then The iPad came along, the post pc era has arrives and changed the industry and the product line dramatically, so it’s  seems like the product strategy has to change or at list update to feet to the current product line and the future ahead.
So ill bet that the new strategy will have the same consumer and pro market lines but it will expand to the iPhone, iPad, the future products and services.
It should look like this:
That’s why I think we are going to see iPhone pro and iPad pro very soon now, beside the regular consumer iPhone and iPad as we know it today with a features upgrade. That’s also why I don’t believe the rumors about iCloud iPhone, that’s just not the Apple’s way, or product strategy.
What do you think?
The Bozo.

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


5 thoughts on “iPhone Pro and iPad Pro to be launched soon? hell yea!

  1. I think Apple is ridding itself of the Pro/Consumer labels, if you see they´ve gotten rid of the white macbook, the Xserve servers, and the OSX server is marketed to small businesses. Apple has understood that Enterprise is now about virtual servers and web services and not about PCs. Dont misunderstand me, they will still have different names for differently spec´ed hardware, but i think the pro will silently disappear. Just my thought. 🙂

    • thanks for your feedback kisstech. i agree for some part… you see, the concept of “Pro” is changing too, if Apple want to keep their content strategy going, they will not let the content creation part to be left out of their hands.. so although their major profits come from the consumer market, they will have have to keep investing on the pro market too, to be able to control the whole ecosystem.

      the Bozo.

      • I agree that the markets will still be there, and Apple want to have a piece of that cake. However I think that we are slowly moving beyond the point were consumer devices and pro devices are two kinds. Apple has “Enterprise” functionality in their cheapest devices (like iPhone with Exchange mail support), and as long as they have the range they have today from the macbook air to the mac pro, the pro market will still buy their products, even if the lose the “pro”. For now, I think all their perfomance products will keep the “pro” but I don´t think they will add it to mobility products like f.i. “macbook pro air” or “ipad pro”.

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