Logic Pro X is Coming to FCPX?

the top 3 missing features in FCPX for the pro editors is:

1. no xml support

2. no multiclip option

3. terrible audio editing and mixing interface

now, for the first 2 Apple addressed in their FAQ page, but as for the third one, they didn’t specify what they are going to do. i belive that they have a major plan to deliver the best solution ever!

they are going to release the new Logic Pro X! and guess what? it’s going to integrated with FCPX!

you probably want to know how did i come to this conclusion, right?

well there is several reasons:

1. Apple will never leave the current sound editing and mixing interface, with no pro features and horrible flexibility as it is now

2. they discontinued the Soundtrack Pro app with no embedded features like they did with Color

3. there is a hint inside FCPX that indicates there is integration with Logic Pro in the Audio Effects panel. you can see that they have imported many Audio Units from Logic Pro 9 even with the same interface.

4. what number coming after 9…you gussed right: X (for those who don’t know the current Logic Pro current version is number 9) 🙂

if that’s going to happen than we are going to get the most powerful, easy to use, and professional audio editing in the world!!!! way better than Soundtrack Pro and defiantly way more better than any other video editing software on the market today.

what do you think?

the Bozo.

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


6 thoughts on “Logic Pro X is Coming to FCPX?

  1. That is exactly what am hopping for, I am just finishing re-editing a movie in fcpx and don’t want to install logic pro 9, just waitting for the new logic pro x and I have the mackie control and extenders that i can’t use with fcpx to automate because as for now ,fcpx doesn’t support control surfaces

  2. The integration would be great but it sounds like you’re running on pure speculation here.

    Since I was never a big Soundtrack Pro user, am I missing something? I keep seeing the same thing you’ve written here, that Soundtrack Pro is discontinued. My understanding is that it was just moved to Logic Studio. It’s listed on the Logic Studio page as one of the applications. Is this not the same Soundtrack Pro previously included in Final Cut Studio? I realize that there is no integration with FCP X as there was with FCP 7 (for now), but the application doesn’t appear to be discontinued.

    • the Soundtrack Pro was part of both Final Cut Studio 3 suit and the Logic Studio suit. since they launched FCPX they removed it from the bundle but kept it as it was on the Logic Studio suit. i guess that as soon as they launch Logic Pro X they will remove it from the suit just like they did with the FCP, and integrate them both.

      but remember, its only a guess …:-)

  3. exactly, and it may be cheaper and easy to use like fcpx so that even fcpx user could mix audio on it, ether way, i am a full user of the two apps.

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