iCloud is the bridge for consolidate iOS and OS X

there is a lot of rumors about the next iPhone in terms of hardware configuration like the size of the screen, cpu, memory, camera etc…

I find it not so important, since its not about the hardware, it’s about what it enables you.

I believe this discussion haven’t really happened so far. so what are the new break through that will enhance our experience and usage?

well there are a few, but I think the most important one is the standalone device strategy, that iCloud is bringing to both the iOS and OS X platforms.

iCloud will change the way that we mange our storage, apps, documents, media, and personal data.

but it’s not stopping there, Apple came up with an innovative solution to the way of using the iCloud, since they are managing their ecosystem with a stricken rules they can now offer you the benefits of enjoy it.

what do i mean by that? well let me put it that way, you don’t have to store it, just mark it.

such as, you don’t have to upload your songs library, Apple marked it as yours and by that you can stream it or downloaded it to your device. that is a big thing for those who tried using the cloud solutions out there, waiting hours to upload stuff. it also an elegant solution to the syncing issues that the average user experience a lot, and iCloud makes it very easy to manage. not to mention that it’s a lot cheaper since I’m buying the content only once and can use it with all devices and products.

another example, if you started a movie on your mac and you need to go outside you can resume the movie from your iPhone because its marked. think about documents, photos you’ve been editing and so on… it’s a huge change in the experience not just because each one of the possibilities, that’s because mixing them together!

better that any solution out there.

eventually the main goal is to make the iPhone and the rest of the gang be independently from each other when it’s needed so you wont have to have a computer near by to manage your device, but in the same time you’ll be able to integrate all your devices as one to benefits from both worlds.

in the long-term, the iCloud plays the role of the integration bridge for combining the iOS and OS X to one platform that will bring the best of all worlds.

the Bozo.


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