Apple vs. Samsung – read this And you’ll see why 2011 wont be like “1984”!









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why Apple is so right about their fight over patents? understand the fundamental problem we have to go way back in time to the mid 80’s.

in 1984 Apple was the first company in the world to launch the first GUI OS called Macintosh. that was a revolutionary in any shape or form. yes I know some of you will remind me that the idea came from the Xerox labs, and some people will claim that Steve Jobs stole their ideas and implemented them with the mac.

to make a long story short ill say that it’s half-true since Xerox thought of the general idea but didn’t do anything with it or knew how to get it to the market, as for Jobs, well, he saw the potential and made it work through a whole new concept around those ideas.

since Apple didn’t patent their OS back then, and the software companies got access to the guts and bones of the OS so they can develop their software for the mac, one software company took one step forward and copied it to develop their own OS.

the software company is Microsoft and the OS they’ve copied  is Windows.

they’ve done a terrible job in the design, the technical operation, and their whole approach, but they did one think very good… the legal stuff! and since there was no patent for Apple with the mac OS, the road was wide open for Microsoft to copy it all. so with Apples breakthrough ideas and a brilliant business strategy of Bill Gates, Microsoft launched Windows, and the rest is history.

how is that relevant to the patent war that we’re seeing today you ask?

well, its pretty darn painful to see that all your hard work, innovation and breakthrough concept slipping out of your hand, just to see that other company that copied your creation gets all the glory, pride and money because of a legal issues that you was so naïve not to protect as Apple did.

Apple sat down for a decade and a half, bleeding (almost to death) with nothing they can do about it.

so now, after that trauma, Apple has learned their lesson and sworn not to make the same mistake twice by playing with the same rules that kept them sitting back for 15  years, and patented every piece of new, innovative product, protocol, services, and anything that moves actually.

back to 2011, it seems like the history is about to repeat itself and instead of Microsoft, we see Samsung, that with no shame at all copycat the iPhone and iPad and deliberately confusing the average consumer who thinks they are the same.

but not like 1984, this time, Apple done it right with the legal side and they are going with full force to make sure that their creations wont be copied and misled by any company out their.

for those who claims that its bad for competition, I’m saying that there is plenty of room for innovation, creativity, and new products to be made, that’s a healthy competition, not copy other ones work.

we shall prevail!



6 thoughts on “Apple vs. Samsung – read this And you’ll see why 2011 wont be like “1984”!

  1. Members of the team that worked on Lisa were former members of the Xerox group. Steve didn’t really steal so much as accepting information shared by those Xerox PARC employees. Also, Apple sued Microsoft in 1988 and then privately settled in 1997. So they DID eventually do something about losing that 1988 case. Now all is well.

  2. This piece as true as it is only shows we are creatures of habit…God is the the only true Idea. Ideas always come from someone else aspirations and their inspiration comes from someone else Idea.
    I am not a preacher but a believer…the only true things in their right definitions is God and Original Sin.
    Let’s just enjoy what other make for us and stop asking who is on first.

  3. You got it all wrong. Microsoft kept their fingers off anything hardware well until the intel deal… they were making tons of money with DOS while the Mac was trying to transform the home computer into the personal computer by selling hardware. At best they were competing with Commodore’s Amiga at the time which was way cheaper and favored for sound and video editing. Windows 3.11 the first version that was somewhat stable and bugfree (and made at least some money) hit the market 8 years after the Mac (in computer years that’s eons).

    Apple just keen on maintaining the status quo, their main philosophy; capitalizing on overprized hardware calling it exclusive design. Anyone with a 3D Printer and a modified Ubuntu Kernel can challenge that with barely no developement cost today but in truth the human race is lazy. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

  4. Geez, really? As I recall, Apple LOST their “look and feel” suit with Microsoft. They will also lose the battle with Samsung! Why? Because Samsung is making a BETTER product and it is obvious that Apple is just afraid of the competition!

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