“Social” networks? Who are you promoting?

Recently I find my self using several social networks more than I used to.

Maybe it’s just me, but large amount of the posts, comments, “likes” and “+”‘s is about promoting something or someone and far from some people having a good discussion, meeting new friends that share the same ideas or just sharing thoughts with one another.

It got me thinking of this “social” culture, and how it effects on people lives. as deep as I’m thinking about it, I get the filling that we are driving apart from each other not getting closer, you see, if a “friend” of mine recommend me of something that he like that’s OK but if he try’s to promote something then he is a sales rep in a “friendly” disguise.

As I see it there is a growing percentage of using the social networks to sell me things, but in a sophisticated form, and worse than that, it’s taking the ones that I trust and consider as friends and turning them to sales persons…

I believe that that’s not what the social networks had in mind when they first emerged, and so many people found them exciting and useful. So it came to the point that the system stacked, with no progress, I mean how many pictures of the new cute baby born can you watch…or how many times you can read what everybody’s doing or thinking every minute…

So instead of making the social networks better, it becomes a market place for “friends” selling “friends” and it’s simply called recommendation to stay politically correct.

It’s not going to last for long time, and before we know it the social networks as we know today will become none relevant as we saw with others hypes like ICQ, Yahoo!, etc. just this week we saw Facebook shutting down their coupon service “Facebook Deals” that launched just 4 months ago.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against making money in the social networks and in fact I believe it’s essential to make a good business strategy for any service, it just that I thinks going to the wrong way.

It won’t be long before we see a new way of making it happened like google made it with theirs search engine business strategy that took the industry and all the major search engines by surprise by making it the new standard for making money and leading the industry.

I challenged the social networks to innovate, by think different and making the next “google” act in their services but yet more important social as they ment to be.

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


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