Steve Jobs just finished to write the manual for operating Apple, it’s time to act on it.

The media exploded since the official announcement of Steve Jobs stepping down from the CEO chair.

There’s a lot of speculations about whats gonna happen to Apple:

What will happen to innovation?

What the competitors will do now?

Were is Apple heading for?

Who is going to say “no” to the wrong ideas?

Is Tim Cook good enough to run the most valuable and innovative company in the world?

How good the products will be from now on when Steve is not there to check every little detail?

A very good questions, and very few answers. Only guesses. But the Apple community (as often called “Fanboys”) are used to speculate about Apple, I mean that’s what we do like 23 hours of the day… so now its no different.

My point of view about the future of Apple is that this is the biggest test off all. Even bigger then it was in 1997 when Steve Jobs came back and Apple was 3 months away from chapter 11.

now its the time to show the world, that Steve Jobs was not just one man show who did it all by himself, or the only one who was creative, passionate, detail maniac, perfectionist, and different.

although Steve is a unique leader and a visionary, there’s an army of talented people behind what we see as Apple and Steve Jobs, and I’m not talking about the management team, I’m talking about every one of the Apple employees who made Apple what she is today.

Steve Jobs left a legacy that should leave for a long time, culture and DNA is not something you can change easily, but there is a need to implement it among every one of the Apple employees by doing so, not just talking, or teaching about it in the Apple University.

Tim, all the Apple community is standing by you and all the Apple employees, we know that you can pass the test, and will continue the Apple legacy that Steve left for all of us. We believe in you and the Apple way!

Steve Jobs has just finished to write the manual for how to run Apple, this manual is very detailed (as Steve use to), now its time for the rest of Apple employees to carry out it.

And I believe they will do it brilliantly!

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


One thought on “Steve Jobs just finished to write the manual for operating Apple, it’s time to act on it.

  1. First i need to excuse myself for my clumsy english. I share your thoughts about the idea of a manual. I wish more people can have this kinds of insights specially when it came to really understand what is the legacy from steve to mankind. It is not about good products it is far more about an epistemic revolution and the role played by technology in the way we gain knowledge. In a long future steve will be put side to side with people like Galileo, Descartes and Newton. He is truly a player in the scientific revolution, a man that has already changed many important paradigms.

    Thank you steve for giving mankind bicycles for the mind.

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