I’m The Bozo, a normal geek that loves gadgets, new technology’s, and messing around with sound and video editing as a hobby.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Couldn’t find your email address to email this to you.
    I have a FCPX question.
    In the event browser, if I am dragging on a clip from the inpoint, towards the end of the clip to make an outpoint, a tooltip is supposed to come up telling me dynamically what my duration is live. I see other users doing this and the tool tip comes up. It doesn’t for me. Is there a way to turn this function on? I din’t think it was an option to turn off. Thanks

    • hi,
      you should see it by default, but try to go to view–>show skimmer info. if its on you should see it as hide skimmer info which in this case its already on.
      you right though there isnt any settings paramater for this feature.
      let me know if it helped.

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