Earthquake in NYC, what happened to the Apple Store?

relax, nothing is broken in the Apple Store, it stands still, and no glass was shattered…
i hope everyone will stay safe!

the Bozo.


You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


iCloud is the bridge for consolidate iOS and OS X

there is a lot of rumors about the next iPhone in terms of hardware configuration like the size of the screen, cpu, memory, camera etc…

I find it not so important, since its not about the hardware, it’s about what it enables you.

I believe this discussion haven’t really happened so far. so what are the new break through that will enhance our experience and usage?

well there are a few, but I think the most important one is the standalone device strategy, that iCloud is bringing to both the iOS and OS X platforms.

iCloud will change the way that we mange our storage, apps, documents, media, and personal data.

but it’s not stopping there, Apple came up with an innovative solution to the way of using the iCloud, since they are managing their ecosystem with a stricken rules they can now offer you the benefits of enjoy it.

what do i mean by that? well let me put it that way, you don’t have to store it, just mark it. Continue reading

Logic Pro X is Coming to FCPX?

the top 3 missing features in FCPX for the pro editors is:

1. no xml support

2. no multiclip option

3. terrible audio editing and mixing interface

now, for the first 2 Apple addressed in their FAQ page, but as for the third one, they didn’t specify what they are going to do. i belive that they have a major plan to deliver the best solution ever!

they are going to release the new Logic Pro X! and guess what? it’s going to integrated with FCPX!

you probably want to know how did i come to this conclusion, right? Continue reading

iPhone Pro and iPad Pro to be launched soon? hell yea!

In 1998 Apple came up with a new product strategy, that was very simple but yet powerful, and they implemented it brilliantly until today.
But since the iPhone and then The iPad came along, the post pc era has arrives and changed the industry and the product line dramatically, so it’s  seems like the product strategy has to change or at list update to feet to the current product line and the future ahead.
So ill bet that the new strategy will have the same consumer and pro market lines but it will expand to the iPhone, iPad, the future products and services.
It should look like this: Continue reading

Tip: The iPhone text size is too small for you? here is how to make it large!

having trouble to read the text when you get an email, or text message?

i recently found a great tip that can make the text larger on the Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes apps.

just follow this 4 steps on your iPhone and your done: Continue reading