Logic Pro X is Coming to FCPX?

the top 3 missing features in FCPX for the pro editors is:

1. no xml support

2. no multiclip option

3. terrible audio editing and mixing interface

now, for the first 2 Apple addressed in their FAQ page, but as for the third one, they didn’t specify what they are going to do. i belive that they have a major plan to deliver the best solution ever!

they are going to release the new Logic Pro X! and guess what? it’s going to integrated with FCPX!

you probably want to know how did i come to this conclusion, right? Continue reading


Final Cut Pro X is Here! To Stay?

yea, I know, you probably in the after shock stage for the past two month or so, as Apple launched the FCPX application.

I heard a lot of opinions from the pro editors community, to the 13-year-old grownups who publish to YouTube like crazy, and there is a whole range of opinions about this release.

just for the record, im not a professional editor, and its been like a hobby to me for years now.  im using the Fina Cut Pro 7 for a couple of years, it is an amazing piece of software, and I love it.

so as the software came out, I decided to take the geek approach and learn to use the software from the ground up until ill decide whether I love it or hate it.

and while doing so, let me tell you I was amazed by the power of this release, the richness of its features and the learning curve that was amazingly fast, plus the integration with Motion 5, and its new features by itself took me to heaven, its like you can build all of your effects, transitions, and generators like a professional 3rd party plugin software company all by your self’ wow!

just to give you a taste of it here is a music video I made with it: Continue reading

Hello “Bozo” World!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the Bozo World Blog!
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at this point, ill write on several topics until ill decide to narrow and focus on a specific topics that you like.
ill hope you’ll enjoy and bring the rest of the community that shares the same passion as you!
have fun!
The Bozo.