Opinion: Is Tim Cook a leader?

Much has been written about Tim Cook since being appointed to his position as CEO of Apple last year. Directly or indirectly in any article, research, interview, or opinion comparison to Steve Jobs became inevitable.

Although it is well known that no matter who was replacing him, there is no one like Steve Jobs. He cannot be replaced. He was a genius, one of kind, unique in so many ways that this article could not have describe without filling dozens of pages of the man and his work.

But this article is not about Steve. This article is designed to answer one simple question: Is Tim Cook leader? And more importantly, whether Tim Cook is the right leader to Apple?

To answer this important question, I would like to review the main challenges that Apple under the leadership of Tim had to cope with since taking office.

On the outstanding successes (detractors would say … success cycle) we’ll include a long list of products that Apple launched last year and actually renewed almost its entire product line (except the Mac Pro): iPhone 5, iPod, MacBook pro with retina screens, iMac, iPad (upgraded twice) and even added the successful iPad Mini product line. Beyond products launched, Apple won its long battle against Samsung in highly publicized and it’s most significant and forced Samsung to pay for patent violations committed over a billion dollars, recently dropped by nearly half due to Samsung’s appeal.

On the biggest failures we’ll include the famous maps saga (and slightly exaggerated in my opinion) launched with the updated iOS 6 version, a drop in the company’s stock, not inventing a new category and innovative with a revolutionary product in the past year, and the expectations of investors at a profit and market share of Apple in the mobile market.

Yes. You read that right. Failure to comply with Apple’s Tim Cook led the expectations of investors and analysts at a profit and market share of Apple in the mobile market.

Since when expectations of investors and analysts determine the degree of success of the company? Moreover, the general who ruled that Apple strives to be a leader in terms of market share?

No one.

But when it comes to Apple, apparently the rules of the game are different and we better “educate” the bad boy in the neighborhood who aligns expectations of analysts and does not play by the rules of the other children.

Now, imagine I tell you about a company that earned more than any company in the world, which is in a highly competitive market, and could collect on its products than any other company in the field due to the value it creates for its customers. A breaking every record possible sales of its products last year, and its future within the market in which it competes looks promising than ever, and is expected to be the most dominant in its field for at least the next five years.

What would you say on who leads it?

I would say over that whoever is there, is a leader.

But not just because of the numbers, profits and great success. But rather because Tim Cook cope with harsh criticism leveled at him, and to the company that is an unprecedented amount of the business press in recent years. Precisely because the man chooses to go his way, quiet and relaxed, leading his company safely to the vision and values Steve Jobs left with no doubt on his way even for a second.

Most of the leaders I know would break along the way, adapt, change their way to please others, and not producing a new reality while leading the way.

But Tim Cook does, and does it well. In fact, this is exactly the kind of leadership that Apple should, and was accustomed to it for the last decade and a half.

Tim Cook is the leader.

Moreover, Tim Cook is Apple that exactly matches leader and what it represents.

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Amazing quote mix of Steve Jobs!

This video down below is the best quote mix with a beautiful layout and great sound of the legendary Steve Jobs.

this is a tribute to him and his legacy.

Steve, get well, this one is for you, from all of us “insanely great” fans!

the Bozo.

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“I want to put a dent in the universe”, Steve Jobs

well, you centrally dent the universe!

it’s a sad day, not just for the Apple community, but for the world.

Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple.

there’s a lot to say about steve Jobs contribution to the world, and the changes he made, but for now im too overwhelmed by the news to even start to mention some of them.

all I want to say to you steve is

thank you!

thank you for teaching us so many things

thank you for the greatest products in the world

thank you for inspiring us to think different

thank you for showing us that it can be done

thank you for letting us know that you can follow your heart

thank you for improving our lives with your innovation way of thinking

thank you for making the world a better place

thank you for all of that and so much more.

i wish you all the best, and wealthy long years.

the Bozo.

Apple vs. Samsung – read this And you’ll see why 2011 wont be like “1984”!









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why Apple is so right about their fight over patents? well..to understand the fundamental problem we have to go way back in time to the mid 80’s.

in 1984 Apple was the first company in the world to launch the first GUI OS called Macintosh. that was a revolutionary in any shape or form. yes I know some of you will remind me that the idea came from the Xerox labs, and some people will claim that Steve Jobs stole their ideas and implemented them with the mac.

to make a long story short ill say that it’s half-true since Xerox thought of the general idea but didn’t do anything with it or knew how to get it to the market, as for Jobs, well, he saw the potential and made it work through a whole new concept around those ideas.

since Apple didn’t patent their OS back then, and the software companies got access to the guts and bones of the OS so they can develop their software for the mac, one software company took one step forward and copied it to develop their own OS.

the software company is Microsoft and the OS they’ve copied  is Windows. Continue reading

iCloud is the bridge for consolidate iOS and OS X

there is a lot of rumors about the next iPhone in terms of hardware configuration like the size of the screen, cpu, memory, camera etc…

I find it not so important, since its not about the hardware, it’s about what it enables you.

I believe this discussion haven’t really happened so far. so what are the new break through that will enhance our experience and usage?

well there are a few, but I think the most important one is the standalone device strategy, that iCloud is bringing to both the iOS and OS X platforms.

iCloud will change the way that we mange our storage, apps, documents, media, and personal data.

but it’s not stopping there, Apple came up with an innovative solution to the way of using the iCloud, since they are managing their ecosystem with a stricken rules they can now offer you the benefits of enjoy it.

what do i mean by that? well let me put it that way, you don’t have to store it, just mark it. Continue reading