What Is Yahoo This Year? A Technology Company, Some of Which It Dumps.

Presumably the change is due to the longstanding difficulty that the company had defining itself over many years or even easily answering simple question of “What is Yahoo?”

good point from All things D. smartphones and goodies for the employees, firing some, letting nobody work from home, killing services and changing the company definition. focus is great, but it seems nobody knows what the focus is about.

not bad for 8 months.​

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“Social” networks? Who are you promoting?

Recently I find my self using several social networks more than I used to.

Maybe it’s just me, but large amount of the posts, comments, “likes” and “+”‘s is about promoting something or someone and far from some people having a good discussion, meeting new friends that share the same ideas or just sharing thoughts with one another.

It got me thinking of this “social” culture, and how it effects on people lives. as deep as I’m thinking about it, I get the filling that we are driving apart from each other not getting closer, you see, if a “friend” of mine recommend me of something that he like that’s OK but if he try’s to promote something then he is a sales rep in a “friendly” disguise.

As I see it there is a growing percentage of using the social networks to sell me things, but in a sophisticated form, and worse than that, it’s taking the ones that I trust and consider as friends and turning them to sales persons… Continue reading