Final Cut Pro X is Here! To Stay?

yea, I know, you probably in the after shock stage for the past two month or so, as Apple launched the FCPX application.

I heard a lot of opinions from the pro editors community, to the 13-year-old grownups who publish to YouTube like crazy, and there is a whole range of opinions about this release.

just for the record, im not a professional editor, and its been like a hobby to me for years now.  im using the Fina Cut Pro 7 for a couple of years, it is an amazing piece of software, and I love it.

so as the software came out, I decided to take the geek approach and learn to use the software from the ground up until ill decide whether I love it or hate it.

and while doing so, let me tell you I was amazed by the power of this release, the richness of its features and the learning curve that was amazingly fast, plus the integration with Motion 5, and its new features by itself took me to heaven, its like you can build all of your effects, transitions, and generators like a professional 3rd party plugin software company all by your self’ wow!

just to give you a taste of it here is a music video I made with it:

just to get it streight, there is a missing features as all the pro editor mentioned, (yea, the multicam missing feature is a bummer…and the lack of importing xml or FCP7 projects as well…) but i belive they rashly overkill reviews before they leaned and experienced the whole package. and honestly i think is just because that the software is very much reminding the iMovie app, that it used by the amateur home video making category. they just want to keep their “pro” reputation that they have and don’t want to be caught up with the same app that the amateur does.

if i look around the pro software options, what do i see? Avid??? premier pro??? give me a break, their software belong to the 90’s and im telling you its a compliment for them…

so chill out and give the FCPX a real chance by embracing it and let it grow…

what do you think?

oh, and by the way, if you would like me to tip on the FCPX or any other question you have, your more than welcome to send me an email, or write a comment below and let me know, ill be more than happy to assist.

The Bozo.

You can read more on Apple stuff at iMac iN Tech.


2 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro X is Here! To Stay?

  1. I teach FCP to college kids and the transition from 7 was a radical one. I really wished Apple waited on the release until the pros finished beta testing it and the certification book was out (late September 2011). That would have been in their best interest – hearing what the pros missed in X like multicam and importing 7 projects. Plus, teachers like me would be able to use the text in class rather than wing it with their manual during the interim. I have used X for a few weeks and like the new interface. The ‘additional content’ you can download like copyright free music and sound effects have come in handy, too. I think this version is more intuitive and I believe my students will find this easier to get started on. This version has crashed on my twice though so my feelings are up and down.

    • Hi Edsall, thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to read that you find FCPX more easier to learn and teach as well. I’m sure that Apple is working hard to release an update very soon that will stabiles the app, plus adding some of the pro editing missing features.

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